Ramadan Diary: How to fight boredom on a low-energy level

Ramadan Kareem to everyone!

This month is gonna be a beautiful and mind-widening experience and I am excited and happy! But you know what I am too? Thirsty and hungry and a little bit bored.

Let’s face the fact: the whole point of Ramadan is challenging yourself and learning how to be disciplined, overcome your needs and desires and find out what you really need. Also this month is supposed to let you focus on things that our busy life usually distracts us from. In slowing down in our speed of life, we are given the chance to shift our attention to the things that really matter: faith, family and self-development.But let’s be honest: the dehydration and the low blood sugar level don’t really make you Ms Little Sunshine all the time. So there are moments when you just need to withdraw from everything and dive into your own little world. In this article, I want to introduce you to some Ramadan hacks that helped me a lot to make the most out of this month.

Between suhoor and iftar, there is a sheer endless amount of hours to be spent with simply surviving. And honestly speaking, all of us might get hit by a certain feeling of boredom, especially during the first week when you are supposed to be at home with your family almost the whole time (or everyone else is while you are questioning your decision to live alone for the very first time). But fear no more! In this Ramadan Diary, we are offering you solutions on issues that each of us is struggling with more or less.

So let’s start with our first list: How to overcome boredom!

1. Move!

I am not talking about a crazy workout. In my next article, I will share some advice with you on how to stay fit during Ramadan and don’t fall victim to the loads of calories you’re stuffing your face with at nighttime.


Nobody expects you to run a marathon during Ramadan. But make sure you do some moderate exercises like swimming, going for walks and Yoga. It is not only a great way to get the time til iftar passed but you also get the chance to get to know your immediate surroundings a little better (yes, I am talking about the neighborhood that you’ve been passing on your bike for the past years). You’ll realize how much has changed 😀

2. Time to clean!

Now that you got a lot of time to spent at home, it might be a great opportunity for you to open that drawer that has been closed for the past years and enjoy the sweet melancholia you’ll get hit by. Same goes for your closet. Ramadan is the time of realizing what we truly need. That means, it’s time to get rid of everything that is obsolete. You can just box the things that are still usable and donate it (Good deeds, whoop whoop!). Do you really need this shirt that you haven’t worn in years? Will you actually read that book again? Is that a primary school book under that thick dust layer?

Get rid of it. The feeling will be amazing, I promise! Once you are done with this, clean the whole house. Your mum/ future guests/ partner will be very thankful (another good deeds, yeah!) and you just created the perfect clean outer environment for the inner cleaning process which this month is supposed to be for you!


3. Read!

I mean, besides Qur’an and the Hadiths and other inspiring Islamic literature (which i would highly encourage you to). It would also be a good time to read the translation of the Holy Book if Arabic is not your native language.

I am honestly really enjoying the fact that I have time to finally read the books I’ve always wanted to read. If you need some inspiration, there you go.


4. Explore!

I honestly could spend the whole day on Youtube researching about inspiring lectures, music and TEDx Talks. There are millions of inspiring videos out there that contain so much knowledge. It’s time to broaden your mind and widen your perspective. My top videos these days:

Samina Ali’s talk on the Qur’an and the hijab on TEDx

Joss Stone’s World Tour: A woman with a great voice is traveling all across the globe and recording traditional songs with local musicians. Check out the whole playlist!

5. Be creative!

When the cravings are kicking in I like to distract myself with this amazing coloring book from Gramedia that gives a playful introduction to Islamic architecture. Coloring books with ornaments or mandalas are super relaxing and a great way for you to keep yourself in a calm and meditative state for hours. You won’t even notice that it’s already iftar time 😉


Another trend right now is to use watercolor in order to create amazingly beautiful floral patterns. For those of you who need a little guidance, check out one of the thousands of tutorials. After a few times you’ll be a pro for sure. And the best part? You can use your new skill to create beautiful gift cards for your family for Idul Fitri!


My favorite thing besides rearranging and decorating my house these days is practicing the centuries-old art of Henna/ Mehndi. I brought some henna paint from India, but it is also easy to order it online or make it yourself! I promise, you will love it!


6. Plan your iftar!

Between Asr and Maghrib is the perfect time to start your iftar planning. Go out and get your ingredients, take time to cook, invite people over for the preparations. The last hours before Maghrib are usually characterized by a vivid spirit. Everyone kinda awakes from their lethargy and moves out of the house. The streets are filled with vendors, various smells and sounds. It is just a great atmosphere, so make sure you left your cave by then!


Of course, besides all this, you can and should go to mosque and spend a lot of quality time with your family (and you’ll most likely have one or two naps a day).

Did we miss something? Let us know how you are overcoming boredom during Ramadan! We are excited to read your comments and suggestions!

Ramadan Kareem everyone!

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